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Application - Outreach
Please do not fill out this application from your phone.
Many questions require checking specifications from your computer.
We ask these questions to help you - so that you do not waste time applying, interviewing, and training for a contract that you will not be able to perform due to technical constraints.

Technical Requirements

As a contractor at home, your work station and computer specifications are crucial to your success.  The platforms we use for calls (Virtual Call Center or VCC) only work within certain parameters.

Answering the following questions in haste or incorrectly, will only waste your time and slow your search in finding a work at home position. If your work station does not meet the specifications, the Virtual Call Center will not work and we will not be able to contract with you.

* Before completing this application to contract with NextWave, did you thoroughly read the technical and job requirements to contract with us? As shown here

By clicking yes below, you acknowledge that you have read and meet the technical and job requirements for this position.
* Do you have regular access to a working printer? It is required that all materials be printed for each project and when materials are updated, they must be reprinted.
* Do you have an Ethernet cable that you can connect to directly to your modem?  Our call platform does not run on Wi-Fi.
* Our work is project based.

Each project with NextWave@Home is different and unique. Most projects will have only evening hours and weekend hours. Occasionally  day hours will available. The hours are determined by who we are calling and the time zone they reside in.

Projects can last a few days or several weeks, while contracting for us you may encounter times with fewer available hours or the possibility of no work.  

Does this type of contract work fit in to your schedule?
* When a full schedule is available how many hours are you available to work each week?
Fewer than 20 hours
20-25 hours
25-30 hours
30 or more hours

All About You

* In a few sentences tell us why you want to work for an advocacy firm?
* What other political interests do you have? Check all that apply:
Foreign Affairs, Defense
Health Care
* Are you currently employed?
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Have you ever worked in a virtual call center environment?  
If yes, which one(s)?:
* What is the highest level of education you have completed?
High School
Some College
College degree
Master’s/JD/PhD degree
* If selected, when are you available to start?
* By clicking yes below you acknowledge if you are offered a contract, your relationship with NextWave@Home is an independent contracting relationship (you work for yourself) and not an employee relationship.

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* Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor which resulted in imprisonment within the last 7 years?
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If yes, please explain:
* Are you a citizen of the United States?
* Do you speak a foreign language fluently?
If yes, what languages do you speak?:
* Have you applied to this Grassroots Outreach Team Member position before at including under a different name and/or email address?

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